Our Disability & Mental Health Summit has always been successful due to our great partnerships with school districts, nonprofits, and other government agencies. In particular this year, we are deeply thankful to our program partners who have helped set up such a dynamic program:


The PEAL Center

The mission of the PEAL Center is to ensure that children, youth, and adults with disabilities and special health care needs lead rich, active lives and participate as full members of their schools and communities by providing training, information, parent leadership, and technical assistance based on best practices to individuals and families and all people who support them.

The PEAL Center staff provide three key services: individual assistance and referral service for parents and professionals to help identify needed resources and assistance; training to ensure parents understand and can navigate the education, health care, insurance, and home and community service systems and have knowledge of best practices; and provide leadership development skills and training to parents.

Website: www.PEALcenter.org


21 & Able- United Way

As part of their smart investments and comprehensive plan to help people with disabilities live independently, United Way’s 21 & Able initiative helps young adults with disabilities transition smoothly from the last day of high school to the first day of adult life and beyond. 21 & Able is increasing employment and housing opportunities and supports so that young adults with disabilities have greater independence.

In the past 18 months, hundreds of people with disabilities and their families have benefitted from the opportunities for information, education and advocacy provided by United Way’s 21 & Able initiative.

Website: www.uwswpa.org/21-and-able


Pennsylvania Youth Initiative (PYI)

PYI is a youth driven program that works to empower young people with disabilities to develop the skills and resources necessary to become leaders of the future- now. Their goal is to promote leadership, advocacy and independence, by offering youth the opportunity to identify their own interests and needs, plan events, and be able to operate the organization in the future.


Allegheny Family Network

Allegheny Family Network (AFN) is a family-run agency – all of our employees are parents or caregivers who have raised a child with mental health and/or emotional challenges. Our staff (Family Support Partners) have a wealth of knowledge and experience in the areas of mental health and behavioral challenges.  They not only understand family and children’s rights but also know how and when to advocate on behalf of children with special needs. Our Family Support Partners not only understand what families are going through but use their personal experiences and expertise to support, inform, and empower families that are working to bring about positive change for their own children.

Website: www.alleghenyfamilynetwork.org


Planning Committee

ACHIEVA, Allegheny Family Network, Autism Caring Center, Beth El Congregation, Bethel Park School District, Every Child, Keystone Oaks School District, Mt. Lebanon School District, PEAL Center, Pittsburgh Youth Initiative, River Communities Fiduciary Services, Inc., Trying Together, Watson Institute, Wesley Family Services, 21 & Able – Southwestern United Way, Disabilities Options Network, NAMI, Jewish Healthcare Foundation, Outreach Teen and Family Services, OVR, Children’s Hospital


Special Thanks

In addition, we could not have done this without the overwhelming support of the Beth El Congregation. They have graciously welcomed us with open arms each and every year and have never said “no” to anything that could possibly be of assistance to an individual with a disability. From their members, to their leaders, to their invaluable staff – we can have no greater partner and we thank them very much for hosting us!


Beth El Congregation of the South Hills

Beth El is a Modern Conservative congregation that strives to provide value beyond the life cycle needs of their members in a manner consistent with their Conservative ideals.  They are committed to many inclusionary practices and carry the spirit of inclusion throughout their building and community.  Their mission is to provide the opportunity for full inclusion and participation of all people regardless of behavioral, emotional, cognitive or physical ability, in all areas of Beth El Congregation’s religious, spiritual, and communal life.

Website:  www.bethelcong.org


Joe Polk

I would like to thank Mt. Lebanon resident and long-time community volunteer Joe Polk who, as owner of Thirteen Ball, donated his time to help us with our website. Joe’s assistance was invaluable in allowing us to get more information out and for our seamless online registration feature. I deeply appreciate Joe sharing his time and expertise and greatly appreciate how he has helped us help others. Thanks Joe!

Website: www.13ball.com